The mind has an extraordinary ability to transform, through the process of Neuroplasticity – in which new neural pathways grow and old ones shrink, depending on what we focus on every day. The mind learns by repetition, and if it hears a message regularly it will grow in the direction of that belief.

A  Transformation Programme will resolve one issue at a time – because the mind is not able to rewire too many messages at once. As clients often have multiple issues, they may find that their first session has a ripple effect on other parts of their lives. However to effectively resolve additional issues, further programmes may be required.

The 28-day Transformation Programme includes:

– a 1.8-2 hour Transformation Session, that will identify and reframe the root cause of your issue

– a 1 hour follow up online Cognitive Shift Session, that will teach you a clinically proven tool to shift negative thoughts and beliefs

– listening to a personalised recording daily for at least 28 days

– reading regular motivational emails

– accessing ongoing support via Whatsapp

– a final 1 hour online Mindful Landscaping session to help guide you to the future.

I’m committed to the process, and will do everything I can to help you transform. I welcome feedback and communication up to a year after your session.

Your participation is essential!

But you also need to participate fully in this process to get the results you want, by:

  1. Listening daily to the recording,
  2. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones,
  3. Reading and responding to emails,
  4. Using Cognitive Shift technique I teach you
  5. Staying in contact with me for any queries or concerns.

Once you have completed the programme you start to feel a lot better. Your new neural pathways have begun to grow, and your old beliefs have abated. For some, this happens very quickly, for others, it takes longer, but everyone gets there in the end!

Eventually, the mind gives up and accepts your new beliefs permanently! Many of my clients report their best results 12 months after the treatment! So if you participate fully and believe the science behind the programme,