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Our state of mind and the words we say have a huge effect on our success, health and happiness.  If our internal dialogue is filled with positive, encouraging messages, then our lives are usually happy and fulfilled. Too often, however, this dialogue is negative, due to deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs picked up in early life – creating patterns that are often repeated throughout our lives.

The best way to heal our problems is to change the internal dialogue, using fast, neuroscience-based methods that can successfully shift issues that normally take years to unravel, using proven clinical approaches designed to rewire neurons in the brain. These ‘4th Wave’ neuro psychology techniques are unusually rapid and effective, and also work well in unison to achieve phenomenal results.  Let’s Chat


Excessive anxiety, fear of flying, viruses, driving, spiders, phobias or OCD can cause significant distress in our lives. A tailored Transformation Programme will identify the root cause, clear it, and reset the nervous system to a more relaxed state.   Let’s chat


Leave procrastination behind and start moving forward with your career, business or financial goals. You can identify and clear any limiting beliefs or self-sabotage stopping you  from achieving success by rewiring your mind, and focusing on achieving what you want!  Let’s chat

My name is ANGELA CLARKE, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Transformational Therapist,   PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Advanced Clinical EFT Practitioner.

At home, or in my London clinics

Based on hundreds of sessions in clinic or online, I have established a thorough protocol that yields a 92% success rate.  Online sessions are just as effective as face to face, and can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of your own home. A recent client said Angela is the third Transformational Therapist I have worked with and it was an amazingly positive experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.” Let’s chat

I am totally committed to helping clients achieve freedom from what may be holding them back from living the life that they deserve. Angela genuinely cared about my progress,  is very open-hearted and generous and goes above and beyond what is expected,” said another client. 

Why it works

My 28-day programme incorporates a 2 hour Transformation Session, and two follow up 45 minute Cognitive Shift sessions designed to boost the speed and effectiveness of your healing. Angela combines powerful cognitive and psychological techniques as part of the Transformation programme which helped me shift some deep emotional baggage. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

An integral part of the programme is a series of powerful communications that helps clients stay motivated and on track.  I am available throughout the programme for help, support and guidance. ‘Angela’s well-thought-out and timely communications  between sessions kept me on track with my commitment and the programme. She has been with me every step of my journey.”

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One of the hardest things to control is what we eat, when faced with so many temptations. Very often, food cravings disguise other emotional conditions – such as boredom, loneliness or fear. The Transformation Programme gets to the root cause of overeating, bingeing and other food disorders and rewires your mind to stop the cravings! Let’s chat


Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem are the single most common reasons why we don’t succeed in life and relationships. The origins often lie in childhood, when we are at our most susceptible. Once these outdated beliefs are reframed and cleared, there’s no looking back! Let’s chat

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