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Neuroscience is now proving that mind and body are deeply connected,  and we are only just starting to realize to what extent.

This is transforming the way we approach the treatment of our health and well-being, as we move towards Mind Body therapies that treat the whole person, rather than just a symptom.

The reason why we just don’t heal, despite all our efforts,  is because we haven’t changed deeply rooted beliefs in our subconscious mind. 

Our subconscious stores 90% of our beliefs, habits and emotions, so just making changes at a conscious level usually doesn’t work.

So when the underlying reasons are addressed, we can transform, because  the brain has an amazing ability to adapt and change.

This is known as Neuroplasticity, the process in which neurons, the nerve cells that compose the brain and nervous system, transform in response to what happens to us in life.

Mind Body cognitive therapies are ideal to assist the brain to grow in the direction you want, and leave the past behind….:)

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