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When we experience a significant change in perception about an issue, or a fundamental change in our beliefs, this constitutes a Cognitive Shift.

This mindset change provides instant relief and can be produced by using cognitive shift therapies to rewire the brain.

The process of changing mindset is rooted in stimulation of the Amygdala, the part of the brain that stores stressful thoughts and memories over time.

By thinking of a problem at the same time as we calm the stress centre, we are able to collapse old memories associated with stress and trauma.

When these old neural pathways dissolve, our minds are able to entertain new ideas and thoughts that were previously blocked by stressful thoughts and emotions.

For example, extreme anger towards someone can be dissolved, to be replaced with undertanding. Memories can be neutralised so that we can find peace in the way we approach previously stressful situations in life.

We live in exciting times!

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