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Anxiety treatments typically target the human cerebral cortex – the pathway of sensations, thoughts, logic, imagination, intuition, conscious memory, and planning – that most people refer to as “thinking.” Thoughts originating in the cortex may be the cause of anxiety, or they may have the effect of increasing or decreasing anxiety.

But even when the cortex is the source of anxious thinking, it’s the amygdala – a small mass of cells that causes the physical sensations of anxiety to occur: such as pounding heart, perspiration, muscle tension, and so on.

The amygdala attaches anxiety to experiences and creates anxiety-producing memories...

It’s made up of thousands of circuits of cells dedicated to different purposes. These circuits influence love, bonding, sexual behavior, anger, aggression, and fear. It is involved in many of our emotions and motivations, particularly those that are related to survival. It can be likened to a huge filing cabinet that stores every stress-related memory – so that it can warn you if something similar happens again.

The best way to heal anxiety is to calm both parts of the brain – using a variety of techniques designed to calm your thoughts, neutralise your memories and direct your brain towards new pathways to change.

It’s all possible…through the process of Neuroplasticity, the amazing ability of the brain to change and grow – based on what it hears, sees, feels and experiences every day.

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