Does Rapid Transformational therapy work? Hundreds of satisfied clients are praising the results they have achieved using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), saying it is ten times faster than traditional methods. As a result, The Royal Society of Medicine in London invited its founder Marisa Peer to speak about her method, and two medical schools are doing clinical trials to test it scientifically. Here are some recent testimonials from clients with Career Goals, Pain, Anxiety, Weight Issues, Confidence, and Relationships.

Career Goals

Rosalyn, London…”I was struggling with starting my new business after leaving a secure job, because I just didn’t have the confidence to do it. Since the Rapid Transformational Therapy Session, everything has changed. I’m so confident now and I am doing so much networking to get everything started. It’s been an eye-opening experience. I wish I’d done it a long time ago. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting help with their career.”

Pain Relief

Cath, London.“I came to see Angela with issues of pain and focus. Since my original session of Rapid Transformational Therapy I have noticed not only a big improvement with the pain but also my flexibility and movement. I was able to do jumps in ways I could only dream of before and my friend noted he had not seen me move like this for many years. I have also found myself to be more focused and able to concentrate on the tasks I set out for myself which is making an enormous difference to my life. I can’t explain how much gratitude I feel. I couldn’t recommend Angela highly enough, she is seriously gifted.”

Philomena, London…”After our session – which had a huge impact on me – I have been feeling so much better, in myself and about the world and, in particular, about the matters we dealt with in the session, that I haven’t felt any particular need to listen again.  I thought our session was so good I recommended Rapid Transformational Therapy with you to several others.”

Anxiety, Stress, Guilt

Sally, Woking…”I was lucky to be recommended to Angela.   I found her to be caring, kind and compassionate. She has a lovely manner about her, a pleasant voice and a soothing tone.  I listen to the Rapid Tranformational Therapy audio she compiled for me and felt the benefit within a couple of days. I feel calm and in control of ‘everyday life’, which is what I needed, as my life is busy!  If you need some help, with anything, then I recommend you have a chat with Angela”

Corrine, London…”I’ve been looking forward to the Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions, they make me feel really relaxed.  I’m a more focused about my business, and I don’t feel so anxious and worrying about whether I’m able to make my business financially successful.”

Sangita, London…”I wanted to say a great big thankyou to you for all your support and advice with regards to helping me shift some ingrained thoughts that were getting in my way! I feel such a relief now and know that I can move on with life! I know that these thoughts will raise their head once in a while, but the strategies you offered work very well for me, I especially enjoy listening to the Rapid Transformational Therapy tape you sent me, so a heartfelt thankyou to you for all your support.”

Gary, London…”I am feeling better, calmer and more positive since the Rapid Transformational Therapy session. I have been more socially active, getting out of my comfort zone, doing more with myself than I have ever done before and haven’t suffered any panic attacks. Thank you again for all you have done for me.”

Fibroids Fertility

Mary Twickenham…Angela is an outstanding Therapist. Her beautiful voice and professional, caring manner made me feel comfortable straight away. I was surprised at the very powerful insights I gained during the Rapid Tranformational Therapy process. Afterwards I felt pleasantly refreshed and energised. Since then my physical symptoms have measurably improved. I have become much more positive and am taking active steps towards my dreams. I look forward to experiencing big results very soon. After recommending Angela to many of my friends, they have also been enjoying positive changes.”


Janina, London…”I feel that my attitude towards men has changed completely. I am a lot friendlier and open for conversations with them, which was definitely not the case before. For the first time in my life I work mainly with men in my current job and before my attitude towards them would be to always compete and show them that I am cleverer than them, while now I am really friendly and cooperative and they say how lovely I am and behave as real gentlemen around me. That is a complete new experience for me. I also feel that my past is in the past and I am open and ready for the new love in my life. I am so exited about that! Rapid Transformational Therapy is fantastic!”


Jo, Twickenham…“Angela is amazing. Since my Rapid Transformational Therapy session, I feel energised, powerful, purposeful, well, with a permanent feel good feeling.

Louisa, Slough….”My lack of confidence at work has been a huge stumbling block for me. I’ve watched others get promoted because they inspire confidence in the boss, even though I’m better than they are.  After one session of Rapid Transformational Therapy, my attitude has changed completely, and I’m now getting on much better with my boss.  I’m so grateful to Angela for helping me – and I plan to go back for a session on how to stop smoking!’

Ronnie, London…”I do feel a lot less anxious about driving. I did drive on Monday just a short way from my house and felt quite calm. I have also noticed a significant ripple effect in other areas of my life and I am feeling generally much more positive and confident. So thank you for the Rapid Transformational Therapy session, it was a very beneficial experience.”

Weight Issues

Maria, London …”Rapid Transformational Therapy is creating the most profound healing and shifts in my world. I have been on a detox programme for the past three weeks to re-educate my body and make more conscious choices around food and what it feels like to be hungry. It’s going really well and I will be doing it for another couple of weeks. After that I plan to return to healthy eating with reduced carb portions and no refined sugar. I have also been dancing every day and feel amazing. Being visible has totally transformed my work, I feel completely different and confident at the prospect of running workshops and training courses. I feel like something has unlocked in my brain!”

Amanda, London…”Rapid Transformational Therapy is doing what it says. Very quickly I have noticed a shift and changes in my approach to eating which is resulting in  positive changes in my body. It seems to have provided the missing piece of the puzzle to enable me to change my relationship with my body and I am noticing my clothes fitting me better. No longer do I consider the negative connotations of weight loss. I am finding different ways to nurture, nourish, comfort and support myself which do not involve food. Would recommend -especially if your efforts to date have left you in a stuck place.’

Yolande, receptionist, London…”I have been a yo yo dieter my whole life, and spent hundreds of pounds on diet books, juicing retreats, and special food deliveries, only to see the weight creep back on time and time again.  After just one session of Rapid Transformational Therapy, I discovered and was able to reconcile the true cause of my excess weight. I have since lost 14 pounds, and my mind seems to have stopped wanting food as comfort. I’m can’t wait for the next sessions, and I couldn’t be happier, thank you!!!”

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