Does RTT really work?

Yes, absolutely! Marisa Peer, the founder of RTT, has helped thousands of people overcome profound personal issues for the past thirty years. Her trained therapists, including myself, have been achieving phenomenal success all over the world. RTT is based on hypnosis, and many studies have proven its effectiveness. For more information, read these Articles.  RTT is simple, effective and it works*.

Can I really solve my problem in 1-3 sessions?

As a rule, most issues can be solved in 1-3 sessions, because the process of RTT gets to the heart of the problem and fixes it. The sessions, followed by listening to a personalised recording for 21 days afterwards, usually result in a complete eradication of the problem. This is based on thousands of case studies conducted by Marisa Peer and RTT therapists.

Will I lose control?

You are in complete control at all times. During the process of RTT, you relax and drift into your subconscious mind, because that’s where you can make permanent changes. You will remain awake and aware of everything that is happening. I simply facilitate the process.

I’ve done hypnosis before, and it hasn’t worked

RTT is a cutting edge new method in brain training, that challenges standard hypnotherapy training. It involves a series of steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results.

I’m not sure if I can I be hypnotised

Everyone can be hypnotised, it’s just a matter of time. The important thing is attitude – if you really want to correct something your mind is telling you, then you will relax sufficiently to start connecting to your subconscious mind.

What if I remember something I don’t want to share?

That’s fine, you won’t have to share any memories you don’t want to. As you as you tell me how the memory makes you feel, then that’s all I need to hear.

What is involved in hypnotising to scenes in the past?

This process involves observing scenes from the past that may be linked to the problems you are experiencing today. It is not reliving, it is just observing. By clearing these past memories using the process of RTT, the problems you experience today will often disappear.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a very convenient private online chatroom, that enables you to have a session in the privacy of your own home. You will be sent a link to join, and it is easy and completely free.  Zoom sessions are just as effective as physical sessions, and most clients now prefer them.

Will I feel OK during and after the session?

Yes, RTT is very relaxing and you will often feel great during the session. When you leave, you may feel elated, having discovered the source of your problem. You may also feel a little sensitive, as you process the issues that have come up. Either way, and particularly as you listen to the positive affirmations in the recording, you should start to feel better and better every single day.

Are the sessions confidential?

Everything you write down and say is kept strictly confidential, in line with my responsibilities as a professional practitioner. Records are completely destroyed after 3 years.

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*RTT will work for many conditions, but we cannot guarantee it will work for everything. We will let you know before the session if we are unable to assist.