An RTT Session can help relieve anxiety by rewiring the brain, replacing negative beliefs with positive ones, so that you can live a productive, happy life. Results are usually achieved in 2-3 sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy.


Sally, Woking…”I was lucky to be recommended to Angela.   I found her to be caring, kind and compassionate. She has a lovely manner about her, a pleasant voice and a soothing tone.  I listen to the audio she compiled for me and felt the benefit within a couple of days. I feel calm and in control of ‘everyday life’, which is what I needed, as my life is busy!  If you need some help, with anything, then I recommend you have a chat with Angela”

Corrine, London…”I’ve been looking forward to the sessions, they make me feel really relaxed.  I’m a more focused about my business, and I don’t feel so anxious and worrying about whether I’m able to make my business financially successful.”

Sangita, London…”I wanted to say a great big thankyou to you for all your support and advice with regards to helping me shift some ingrained thoughts that were getting in my way! I feel such a relief now and know that I can move on with life! I know that these thoughts will raise their head once in a while, but the strategies you offered work very well for me, I especially enjoy listening to the tape you sent me, so a heartfelt thankyou to you for all your support.”

Gary, London…”I am feeling better, calmer and more positive since the session. I have been more socially active, getting out of my comfort zone, doing more with myself than I have ever done before and haven’t suffered any panic attacks. Thank you again for all you have done for me.”